Notap-Industry Technology Transfer Fellowship (NITTF)

The NOTAP-Industry Technology Transfer Fellowship (NITTF) is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) platform designed to create indigenous critical technological competences of elite applied knowledge workers in Nigeria through special PhD programmes tenable in Nigerian Universities. The support is for a maximum period of 4 years to be jointly implemented by NOTAP and Industry. The fellows will basically be all future academic workers in Universities and Research Institutes and will be required to enter into clear contracts/agreements with NOTAP, Industry, University/Research Institute such that close relationship will be developed during the study period and after completing their studies, they will return as lecturers or Researchers in the universities or Research Institutes (RIs). This mode of fellowship will ensure speedy technology transfer.

The scheme is a tripartite arrangement where industry will provide fund and laboratory facilities, the university will train and employ the fellows while the government i.e NOTAP initiates and manages the interface to produce “pool of critical mass of manpower” needed for speedy economic development of the country.

NOTAP is partnering with all industries having technology transfer agreements registered with the office and other organizations and individuals in the implementation of this scheme. NITTF is administered by NOTAP and its partners.

The objectives of  NITTF are :
• Create a pool of knowledgeable and skilled manpower that will facilitate technology acquisition, assimilation and diffusion.
•Provide academic staff of universities with broad and direct experience of industry to benefit research and enhance the relevance of teaching.
•Stimulate and translate research results to the Private Sector to develop a sustainable technology-based economy.
•Establish appropriate linkages between university research institutions and industrial sectors.
•Establish a process and system for the commercial exploitation of research results.
•Encourage the setting up of joint ventures and partnerships to sufficiently promote and profit from R & D results.
•Encourage the use of spin out and spin off companies as vehicles for promoting technology transfer and commercialization.
•Create a robust and dynamic R & D structure in Nigeria

The award of fellowship shall cover:
•Tuition fees and Research related expenses for three years for a Doctoral Research Degree (an extension of not more than one year may be granted  where necessary).
•An annual living allowance for the normal duration of the program.
•Cost of Visa application (where applicable).
•Cost of return flight ticket to foreign laboratories/facilities (where applicable).
•The award shall not cover cost of living or transporting of spouse and children of NITTF beneficiary   

Pursuant to Section 2(4) of the Patents and Design Act (CAP P2. LFN, 2004), an award holder shall execute a contract of performance of a specified work, which shall confer the right to a patent in the work to a sponsoring industry.  However, the fellows shall be entitled to royalty at an agreed percentage, where both the fellows and the sponsoring industries are unable to arrive at an agreed percentage; NOTAP shall facilitate for an equitable royalty.
Notwithstanding the above, the ownership of intellectual property in the work shall be subject to the Intellectual Property Policy of the university and any agreement entered into between such university and the sponsor.

NITTF will be awarded to qualified applicants, who meet the criteria set by the Governing Board. In addition to specific criteria to be published, each applicant must satisfy the following requirements:
•Applicant must be a Nigerian.
•Must not be more than 35 years of age at the time of application.
• A minimum of second class (upper division) from a recognised university (Possession of an Msc is an added advantage).
•Be of good health.
•Be of good character.
•Not a permanent resident of another country.
•Demonstrates commitment to pursue a career in teaching, research and industrial development in Nigeria (an academic employee of a University or Research Institution is an added advantage).

NITTF Application Forms can be obtained here. Completed forms with non-refundable application fee of N5,000.00 in payable through NOTAP Remita platform should be returned to the office of the Director General NOTAP (address at section 12) with the following :-

  • Curriculum vitae
  •  Relevant Academic and professional Certificates
  •  Evidence of payment of N5,000 Non-refundable application fee
  •  Birth Certificate or declaration of age
  •  Two recent passport photographs of the applicant.
  •  NYSC Discharge Certificate
  •  Two (2) letters of recommendation from the applicant’s former University Professors, one of which may be from a former employer of the applicant.
  • NB: Reference letters should be sent by the referees directly under confidential cover to:-

The application closes by August every year. The screening and selection process will be conducted in two stages:-

  • Aptitude test
  • Oral interview

Shortlisted applicants are first invited to write an aptitude test. Applicants that satisfy the minimum requirements of the aptitude test will thereafter be invited for an oral interview.

  • Advertisement calling for applications – July every year.
  • Application deadline – August, every year.
  • Selection and announcement of Fellows – September every year.
  • Launching and public presentation of Awardees – September every year.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Programme – March/April and October/November

By applying for the NITTF, the applicant agrees to be guided by the following terms and conditions:

  • Successful Fellows must commit to work in a Nigerian university or Research Institution upon completion of their PhD program.
  • Successful Fellows must consent to work for a Nigerian University for a period not less than five (5) years upon completion of the Fellowship.
  • NITT Fellows are required to spend an agreed period of their training in the partners’ industry, factory or production facilities.
  • All successful Fellows must provide guarantors and sureties.
  • Successful Fellows shall execute a Bond Agreement with NOTAP, the sponsoring /partner industries and the partnering University
  • Fellows are to note that Projects to be undertaken in the PhD Programme must be industry related  and that all PhD Projects will be selected in close collaboration with sponsors;
  • Final selection of beneficiaries is in close collaboration with sponsors;
  • Fellows are to be subjected to close monitoring and periodic evaluation


  • National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP)
  • Industries
  • Universities/National Universities Commission (NUC)
  • Research Institutions
  • Other organizations /individuals


All correspondences on NITTF should be addressed to:-
Director-General / CEO
NOTAP Headquarters
4, Blantyre Street,
off  Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II,
P.M.B. 5074, Wuse
Abuja, FCT.

Get the form here

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