Manual On The Basic Requirements and Procedures For Registration And Monitoring of Technology Transfer Agreements

It is the primary responsibility of the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion [NOTAP] to register Technology Transfer Agreements signed by Nigerian Entrepreneurs and their Foreign Technical Partners.
In pursuance of this mandate NOTAP carries out detailed analysis of technology transfer agreements submitted by Transferors/Licensors prior to the registration, to ensure that the technologies involved suit the local environment and that they are adaptable, equitable, fair and commensurate in prices and are well aligned to the capacities/capabilities of the Nigerian National Innovation System.
To aid the analysis and registration of the technology transfer agreements, NOTAP requires some vital documents to be provided and accompany the draft agreement that are usually submitted for registration.
From experience, some of the required documents and information are not provided by Transferees/Licensees at the point of submission of the agreements. Sometimes too, the applicable fees are not paid.

Consequently, this usually cause delay in processing the agreements and affect effective service delivery by the Office.
To tackle this problem, NOTAP now requires applicants to frontload their applications by submitting all the required documents, providing the relevant information and paying the applicable fees together when submitting their applications.

To ensure compliance with this policy directive, stakeholders need to be well informed about the necessary checklists/requirements as well as the processes and procedures for registration of Technology transfer agreements.

It is against this background that this manual is being published to enlighten practitioners and other stakeholders on Technology Transfer Agreements processes and procedures.

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