Computerized Registry Information System (CORIS)

The Computerised Registry Information System (CORIS) is a Window based application system designed  to store technology information obtained from technology agreements evaluated by the Office, for purpose of easy retrieval and dissemination to interested users. The system captures information on subjects such as, inflow of technology into the country on sectoral basis and types of collaboration of registered technology agreements. Other subjects of focus are sources of technology, new investments/projects, financial savings etc.
In recognition of the importance of these information to the economic and technological development of the country, the Office prepares Quarterly Reports on information stored in the system for purpose of dissemination to wide spectrum of users.
Analysis of the information provided in the 2006 Reports revealed that 55.14% of the registered agreements came from the Services sector. The Services sector comprises of the Banking, Insurance, Hotel and Information & Technology sub sectors. The increased inflow of technology in the Services sector was attributable to the increase in the submission of Software Agreements as a result of the increased awareness and application of information technology in the country.  Another major information revealed was the trend in the source of inflow of technology into the country.  Analysis of the inflow of technology into the country revealed that the major source of inflow of technology into the country is Asia and far East followed by Europe particularly, the United Kingdom.
The system provides for easy access to data on Technology Agreements for statistical and policy formulation purposes. It facilitates the generation of reports on previous agreements evaluated which are useful for reference purposes when evaluating new agreements.It eliminates the time consuming and cumbersome manual preparation of Reports on technology agreements etc.